Now that we have gotten plummeted with snow, the roads have become a little bit of a hassle. Anything North of Salem on Interstate 5 requires chains!
 Wow this is crazy. This is the most snow this area has seen in a long time. Check out this image from the Oregon Department of Transportation site (left). 
If you are heading through Oregon you might want to consider geting chains, they wont even let you through with out them.

Break out your ski gear and get your butt out to the slopes, Oregon ski season is here. With last weeks flurry of snow area ski resorts are opening up all over the place.

This year Oregon got a late start on the ski season. We usually can get out to the slopes around Thanksgiving time. Not this year. Nope, instead we sat around the house pretending to be interested in what great aunt Matilda did for her thanksgiving dinner when she was a kid.

But our patented snow dance pulled through. Not only did we get snow at the ski resorts last week, but most of Oregon, including the valley floor where I live. From what I hear most of the country got the same thing so it's not like I can gloat to much of an audience. Where the hell did it come from? I'm not any kind of weather man (but I can guess the weather with almost the same accuracy) but I'm thinking we are in for one nice little winter wonderland here in Oregon.

Here is a couple videos of me and my daughter playing in the snow by our house.

So, where are you from and what's your snow forecast look like? <--- Not my pick up line.